September 1, 2015

ALBIXON is proud to inform existing and new customers that the company is broadening portfolio of its movable covers and retractable enclosure products and related services provided in Canada. New dealers of Albixon retractable enclosures are now available. Meanwhile, wider selection of retractable enclosures products is now available on Canadian market.

ALBIXON Canada Retractable Enclosures Inc. is here to represent experience and know-how of the ALBIXON corporate family that have presence all around the world. If you need a swimming pool safety enclosure, SPA or Hot Tub retractable enclosure, boat or car cover, or any of our custom solution for sunroofs and patio covers, please contact us at info@albixoncanada.com or visit our contact page for more options.

Please follow our news section on the website or our Facebook page to get news and updates on our product portfolio, as well as seasonal offers.

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