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Albixon is a well established company dominating the market in Europe

- The largest manufacturer of pool enclosures
- The largest manufacturer of pools in Europe
- Production capacity: 3,500 pools, 4,500 enclosures, 4,000 heat pumps per year
- ALBIXON operates the biggest powder coating plant in Europe with the latest technologies
- 450 employees full-time, 100 employees seasonal
- Over 52 international certificates
- Over 35 years on the market
- Numerous patents

Albixon enclosures manufacturing

- ALBIXON manufactures enclosures for swimming pools, spas & hot tubs, restaurants, cars and boats
- Light enclosure construction and rails made from aluminium and polycarbonate infill with UV protection
- Telescopic retractable enclosures allow each module to be manipulated individually
- Toughest norms and certifications: AFNOR, ISO, TÜV, NSF
- All components are non-corrosive
- Extended product warranty
- Own installation crews available

Main advantages of ALBIXON retractable enclosures?


- Primarily ALBIXON Enclosures function as a Safety System
- Drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional death for Canadians under 60 years of age
- Backyard pools are the number one setting where children under five accidentally drown


- Enclosures extend the pool season by at least 3 months
- in many cases pools can be heated year round
- Enclosures provide a greenhouse effect increasing water and air temperatures
- Enclosures provide protection from outdoor weather conditions such as wind and rain


- Average water temperatures increase by 10°C
- Reduces temperature loss during the night and during sudden temperature fluctuations


- ALBIXON enclosures protect the pool from leaves, dust, sand and other dirt
- Time that would otherwise be dedicated for cleaning the pool can be saved. 
- On average people spend 2 hours twice a week to maintain their pools (up to 200 hours per year)This translates to a one week vacation with the family or calculate per hour – opportunity costs)
- The ALBIXON enclosure with UV protection saves on chemical costs and allows you to maintain water purity by reducing the number of times that chemicals need to be applied. This not only saves only costs, but also reduces the amount of times chemicals are added to  the water.


- Savings on water chemistry and heating as well as the pool itself as the enclosure protects it
- ALBIXON enclosures can save 40% to 60% of the costs on water heating, chemicals, cleaning and other operations related to the pool maintenance
- Other economic proof can be done by calculating and comparing the costs of a safety cover and a heat pump, or annual gas heating costs and the cost of an enclosure

Other benefits of ALBIXON Enclosures

- ALBIXON enclosures extend the lifespan of pools and protects liners from fading  and losing color
- Conservation of the pool water as it protects from sudden PH changes during rain
- Ecological impact thanks to lower emissions from pool heating

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