Retractable pool enclosure installation

Sample swimming pool enclosure project


Most of our projects are very similar in terms of the general steps.

1. Choosing a pool enclosure

- We work together with our clients to help them choose the enclosure that best fits their needs, location and budget.
- All site visits, consultations and quotes are free of charge.

2. Site preparation

We are happy to liaise with pool builders and landscapers, at no extra charge, to make sure that the site is well prepared for installation.

Site considerations include:
- Ensuring the surface around the pool will support the enclosure. Concrete or stamped concrete is the preferred surface but large coping will also work. Composite decking is an option for smaller swim spa and hot tub enclosures.
- The surface around the pool must be level to allow the enclosure components to slide smoothly.
- Most enclosures won’t require deeper footings as long as the foundation is solid and won’t shift over time.
- It is convenient to have a 7-8’ space at one end to park the enclosure when you want to have your pool completely open.
- the skimmer should be located on the short side of the pool.
- It is ideal to install the enclosure after pool construction and landscaping are complete.

3. Pool enclosure manufacturing

- Depending on production capacities and the size and model of the enclosure, manufacturing can take anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks.
- Manufactured with the highest quality non-corrosive materials and powder coated in our own powder coating plant.
- Every enclosure undergoes quality control and test assembly before export.

4. Retractable enclosure delivery

- Shipping in 40’ wide high cube containers allows safe over seas transport to our warehouses in Canada
- Delivered to the site by local transportation

5. Swimming pool enclosure installation

- Installation time depends on the size of the enclosure but usually takes 1-2 days.
- Our trained crew will ensure that your enclosure is installed properly and fully functional before they leave.

6. After installation service & customers support

- Our services don’t end after installation!
- Even though our products are reliable and we don’t have any recalls or warranty claims, clients may have questions or additional requests (i.e., adding additional tracks) and we will be here to support you and ensure you continue to enjoy our product for many years to come.


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