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ALBIXON Retractable Pool Enclosures

Do you have an existing swimming pool or are you planning to build one? The pool season in Canada can be short, expensive and labour intensive, but ALBIXON has a solution for you. In Europe, for the past few decades, it has been the standard to have a retractable safety enclosure on almost every pool. There are many benefits to installing a pool enclosure. Most importantly it can protect children and pets from drowning in unattended swimming pools. In addition to safety, pool enclosures act like a greenhouse on top of your pool. This can extend your pool season from a few months to year-round usage, increase the water temperature and protect against leaves, dirt and insects.

Depending on the site preparedness, installing a pool enclosure can be fast and in most cases won’t require any major landscaping or concrete work.

What are the main reasons to invest in an enclosure for your pool?

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Main advantages of ALBIXON pool enclosures

An enclosed swimming pool offers you many benefits:

Safety and security

A covered swimming pool with a retractable pool enclosure eliminates danger for kids and pets in the pool area.

Albixon retractable pool enclosures are tested and certified by the NSF for use as safety barriers or fences in Canada and the United States. Read more about NSF certification of ALBIXON retractable pool enclosures here.

Longer pool season

In Canada, depending on location, the swimming pool season can vary from 2 to 5 months. With a retractable pool enclosure from Albixon, you can extend the season by a minimum of 3 months or possibly extend your swimming season to all year round.

Higher water temperature

Installing a retractable pool enclosure from Albixon will allow you to heat the water in your swimming pool without any additional heating systems. The temperature increase is quick and will cost less. You can also extend the swimming season. In combination with heat pumps you can keep your pool water at a comfortable temperature in the spring and fall or even into the winter months.

Swimming pool heat loss

Having an enclosure over a swimming pool minimizes heat loss during colder days and overnight. The insulative properties of the glazing material are similar to that of double-layer insulated glass. Therefore, heat loss prevention is remarkable.

Clean pool water

Those who have maintained a swimming pool know that keeping the water clear from debris such as leaves or insects is an everyday job.

A retractable enclosure will prevent dirt as well as wild animals from falling into the pool. Leaves and dirt gather around the pool enclosure and can be easily removed with a leaf blower, vacuum or water hose.

Cleaning your skimmer or filters around the pool will become a rare activity instead of a daily routine!

Less chemicals in the pool water

By installing an Albixon pool enclosure you will save time associated with pool maintenance and reduce the amount of chemicals used for pool water treatment. The pool enclosure will keep the water in your swimming pool clean and clear and help maintain a stable PH level. PH levels are affected by rain, acids from leaves and pine needles as well as dirt. Maintaining a balanced PH level will significantly reduce the amount of chemicals needed to keep the pool water clear.

Need more information about pool enclosures?

Check our REFERENCES and Sample Pool Enclosure installations to see ALBIXON retractable pool enclosures installed across Canada.

We only have satisfied customers and we can prove it! All of our completed projects are references of a job well done and a product that is compliant with weather conditions and structural requirements. Please contact us if you would like to see some of our completed pool enclosure installations in person.