Swim spa covers

ALBIXON Swim Spa & Hot Tub enclosures are based on the well proven and favourite Dallas and Klasik pool enclosures designs. ALBIXON CANADA is aware of the need for custom design and individual enclosure dimensions for Hot tubs, swim spas and small leisure pools. Currently, all our Swim Spa and Hot Tub enclosures are custom made! Unique dimensions and individual approach to all projects allows maximum customization and therefor the best and most effective use of space. The enclosures can be designed to match special design to cover hot tubs and in ground swim spas as well as small leisure pools inbuilt in a deck. Our swim spa and hot tub enclosures are the most practical and functional covers available on the market in Canada with unique and elegant design.

Hot Tub Covers & Swim Spa Enclosures

Custom options for covering hot tub and swim spa

Albixon Canada Retractable Enclosures provides different custom solutions to fit everyone’s need for an all-year long enclosure for a tub or a swim spa. Price of a product depends mainly on final dimensions, but also on selected accessories and glazing, colour finish as well as structural requirements given by local snow-loads. Based on the region and weather condition, custom solutions are designed to comply with local building codes’ requirements. Structures are constructed using high grade aluminum profiles and durable safety polycarbonate sheets. Most of the custom models are fully retractable with sliding doors on the side. The price of the enclosure depends especially on the final height and width which determines the size of the profiles for the structure. Contact ALBIXON CANADA, use our Online Request Form or call your local dealer for the price quote.

Sample custom enclosures & covers

Standard Hot Tub Cover – Dallas SPA

Standard Hot Tub Cover features

Aluminium profiles
size depending on local requirements on snow and wind load, alloy AlMgSi, Silver ELOX surface treatment, 4 supporting profiles on the module (2 on module edge and 2 reinforcing ones in the center)
Enclosure Materials
roof (two thirds upper right-hand section) + front and back panel – 4 mm clear organic glass with UV protection; heat passage coefficient of 5,24 W/m2K
Back Panel wall
non-removable with clapper clearance of 3’10” (116 cm)
Roofing Material
nsingle-cell double wall, clear 8 mm polycarbonate with UV protection; heat passage coefficient of 3,3 W/m2K, NO DROP surface treatment
Bottom Edges of Front wall and Modules
horizontal partitions 2” (5 cm) above ground, gap filled with cover foil avoiding heat losses and formation of impurities
Side Entrance
situated on the right-hand side of enclosure, clearance of  4’8” (141 cm), sliding to the right, combined with a sunroof, lockable with a safety lock and key
none, trackless system; possibility of sliding behind the spa
in the front panel, sliding to the left, clearance of 3′ (91 cm), door-step 4” (10 cm) above ground

Sample Hot Tub cover – Technical information

Dallas SPA –  Hot Tub Enclosure

Outer width: 13’9″ (420cm)
Inner width: 13′    (397cm)
Outer length: 11’1″ (338cm)
Outer height: 7’7″  (232cm)
Package size: 425 x 53 x 244 cm
Package weight: 460 kg  (1010 lbs)
Installation time: approx. 6hrs/2 persons


ALBIXON – 25 years of experience in the pool enclosures industry

Do you want to enjoy your uncovered private hot tub or swim spa all year long? ALBIXON hot tub & swim spa enclosures will allow you longer SPA season, lower your heating costs and save time cleaning the water. Albixon unique Hot Tub & swim spa covers are durable, elegant and simple to operate. Please contact Albixon Canada to get more information on pricing and availability of the multipurpose enclosures in your location.

Another advantage of Albixon hot tub covers is the quick and easy installation. Contact ALBIXON CANADA, use our Online Request Form or call your local dealer for the price quote.








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