Telescopic swimming pool Enclosure Klasik

Klasik pool enclosure is the most demanded pool enclosure thanks to its durable construction and affordable price. Simple design, two standard colours and twin-wall polycarbonate with great insulation properties are the base features of this safety enclosure.

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$14K – $83K

Elegant telescopic swimming pool enclosure Klasik

The IDEALCOVER Klasik model of swimming pool enclosure is one of the most attractively priced models on the market. The arched shape of the enclosure is the most resistant against weather conditions of all offered enclosure types. It is therefore suitable for moderate climatic zone as well as mountain areas.

details klasik

Klasik A

Maximum enclosed area: 10’4″ x 20’10”  (319x635cm)
Outer width “B”: 11’10”              (360cm)
Inner width “A”: 10’11”              (332cm)
Outer length “E”: 21’2″                (645cm)
Outer height “V”: 3’3″                  (99cm)
Package size: 14’1″ x 1’4″ x 5’2″
Package weight: 506 lbs            (230kg)
Installation time: approx. 8h / 3 pers.

Klasik B

Maximum enclosed area: 13’5″ x 27’11”  (415x850cm)
Outer width “B”: 15’5″                (470cm)
Inner width “A”: 14’1″                (430cm)
Outer length “E”: 28’3″                (861cm)
Outer height “V”: 4’3″                  (130cm)
Package size: 18’4″ x 1’4″ x 6’1″
Package weight: 858 lbs             (390kg)
Installation time: approx. 10h / 3 pers.

Klasik C

Maximum enclosed area: 16’5″ x 34’9″  (501x1060cm)
Outer width “B”: 18’8″              (569cm)
Inner width “A”: 16’10”            (513cm)
Outer length “E”: 35’2″              (1072cm)
Outer height “V”: 5’1″                (155cm)
Package size: 19’4″ x 1’11” x 5’9″
Package weight: 1232 lbs         (560kg)
Installation time: approx. 12h / 3 pers.


  • Individual enclosure sizes
  • Selection of over 100 colours and decors of the supporting structure
  • Choice of roofing material type and colour
  • Choice of rails
  • Door type and location as per your request
  • Individual configuration


Possible enclosure sizes
Width “B” 8’2″ to 29’6″    (250 to 900cm)
Height “V” 2’3″ to 12’2″    (68 to 370cm)
Lenght “E” unlimited




Recommended accessories

Rail extension

to move the enclosure beyond the swimming pool area.