Telescopic swimming pool Enclosure Klasik Clear

Stylish pool enclosure designed for maximum comfort and usability. In standard comes with luxury anthracite colour. Thanks to the wide assortment of additional profile's colour options, from wood decor to the latest carbon colour schemes, and cutting edge organic glass technology, Klasik Clear has become the best seller in Europe.

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$18K – $93K

Klasik CLEAR is upgraded version of the popular "Klasik" series. This enclosure is designed to resist even the toughest climatic conditions. It excels with its luxurious design. Standard equipment includes the WOOD DÉCOR aluminium surface treatment, low profile rails ELEGANCE, two inlets in the enclosure, etc.

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Klasik CLEAR A

Max. enclosed area: 10'2" x 20'10" (319x635cm)
Outer width "B": 11'10"             (360cm)
Inner width "A": 10'11"             (332cm)
Outer length "E": 21'2"               (645cm)
Outer height "V": 3'3"                 (99cm)
Package size: 14'1" x 1'4" x 5'2"
Package weight: 748 lbs            (340kg)
Installation time: approx. 8h / 3 pers.

Klasik CLEAR B

Max. enclosed area: 13'5" x 27'11" (415x850cm)
Outer width "B": 15'5"              (470cm)
Inner width "A": 14'1"              (430cm)
Outer length "E": 28'3"              (861cm)
Outer height "V": 4'3"                (130cm)
Package size: 18'4" x 1'4" x 6'1"
Package weight: 1232 lbs         (560kg)
Installation time: approx. 10h / 3 pers.

Klasik CLEAR C

Max. enclosed area: 16'3" x 34'9" (501x1060cm)
Outer width "B": 18'8"             (569cm)
Inner width "A": 16'10"           (513cm)
Outer length "E": 35'2"             (1072cm)
Outer height "V": 5'1"               (155cm)
Package size: 19'4" x 1'11" x 5'9"
Package weight: 1804 lbs        (818kg)
Installation time: approx. 12h / 3 pers.
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  • Individual enclosure sizes
  • Selection of over 100 colours and decors of the supporting structure
  • Choice of roofing material type and colour
  • Choice of rails
  • Door type and location as per your request
  • Individual configuration
Possible enclosure sizes
Width "B" 8'2" to 29'6"    (250 to 900cm)
Height "V" 2'3" to 12'2"    (68 to 370cm)
Lenght "E" unlimited

Recommended accessories

Rail extension

to move the enclosure beyond the swimming pool area.