Telescopic swimming pool Enclosure Dallas

Perfect retractable enclosure – Dallas. If you’re envisioning a high or low enclosure and love the fluidity of a rounded design, check out Dallas. Its side entrance, top-quality insulating roofing material, and removable front panel guarantee simple functionality. Choose from two different standard sizes, or pick whatever dimensions for the custom solutions including your desired colours.

The style of the new season, high or low swimming pool enclosure DALLAS with advanced surface treatment, clear safety polycarbonate glazing and sleek side door will elegantly fit your garden, an envy of the neighbourhood. It is available in both, low design as well as high custom version allowing to walk underneath the enclosure on the side or all around the swimming pool and enjoy the pool all year long

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$22K – $165K

New low swimming pool enclosure – Dallas

details dallas

Dallas A

Max. enclosed area: 12'1" x 20'10" (365 x 635 cm)
Outer width "B": 13'4"               (407 cm)
Inner width "A": 12'5"               (379 cm)
Outer length "E": 21'2"               (645 cm)
Outer height "V": 2'6"                 (75 cm)
Package size: 14'7" x 1'6" x 4'2"
Package weight: 682 lbs           (330 kg)
Installation time: approx. 3h/3 persons

Dallas B

Max. enclosed area: 15'3" x 27'11" (464 x 850 cm)
Outer width "B": 17'1"              (520 cm)
Inner width "A": 15'8"              (478 cm)
Outer length "E": 28'3"              (860 cm)
Outer height "V": 2'9"                (85 cm)
Package size: 18'5" x 1'8" x 4'2"
Package weight: 924 lbs          (450 kg)
Installation time: approx. 4h/3 persons


  • Individual enclosure sizes
  • Selection of over 100 colours and decors of the supporting structure
  • Choice of roofing material type and colour
  • Choice of rails
  • Door type and location as per your request
  • Individual configuration


Possible enclosure sizes
Width "B" 9' 10" to 27'11" (300 to 850 cm)
Height "V" 2' to 12'1"         (61 to 369 cm)
Lenght "E" unlimited




Recommended accessories

Rail extension

to move the enclosure beyond the swimming pool area.