How we do it

Process of ordering retractable enclosure

1. Site visit necessary to confirm the right measurements and advice on the best solution for given conditions.
We make sure that our clients are informed about all the technical options and design possibilities for their site. Ordering an enclosure without having one of our experienced staff or certified dealer is not recommended as it may cause problems during install or discomfort wehn using in the future.
From our experience, these are possible complications that may occur if the site is not checked: obstacles around the pool, missing specifications for the landscapers, incorrect dimensions, not enough space for the tracks, and other unforeseen problems.

Making sure that the site is well prepared for the enclosure install is key for its functionality!


2. Project specification
After discussing the requirements, budget and site specifications, detailed project specifications for the retractable enclosure are prepared by our technical manager.


3. Approval of the specifications
The specifications are approved at three stages:
1st The technical manager makes sure the solution is feasible and reasonable. This way we are making sure that the best retractable enclosure solution is provided for given requirements and site specifications.

2nd Certified Structural Engineer confirms the structural compliance with building code for our clients piece of mind and eventual permits

3rd Product is confirmed with the client with all information provided about warranties, safety certifications and structural compliance.
We make sure our clients are provided full disclosure about our retractable enclosures!
– Certificates of origin
– Certification on material used including place of origin!
– Safety certification from NSF
– Structural compliance with the building code
– References from all over the Canada including complete list of our installs!


4. Order placement


5. Product delivery
Lead time is depending on the level of customization. Some models that we have in stock can be installed immediately, others would take 4-8 weeks from the order placement to deliver. Please note that highly customized models and models with extra-large dimensions can take longer depending on the factory capacity and level of customization.


6. Retractable enclosure Assembly and installation
Assembly and installation time of the pool enclosure depends on the number of sections and site prepareness. Most of our enclosures are installed within 2 days. Larger enclosures takes 3-5 days to complete the work. Installation is very fast due to product modularity and precise preparation of the components in the factory.


Pool Enclosures Manufacturing

ALBIXON safety pool enclosures are manufactured from the highest quality aluminum profiles to meet the requirements in Canadian Building Code for structural compliance. Glazing made of safety polycarbonate sheets are supplied from certified manufacturers in European Union complying with the highest standards on durability and insulation. All screws and small metallic components are made of materials such as Aluminum or high grade stainles steels Рyou will never find any rust on our retractable enclosure products! Please see our certification section to see all the certificates and attestations that our factory and products underwent in order to comply with various standards, structural compliance and safety requirements around the world. With our own manufacturing and delivery services, we are able to provide you with high-quality, products that are ready to ship in a very short time. Once you see our safety enclosures, you recognize the quality and precision. All the pictures on this page come right from ALBIXON facilities.

We carefully select
the best materials
from quality certified suppliers

ALBIXON manufactures all the pool enclosures in own facilities

The package is delivered
straight to you door

Enclosure is assembled,
installed on-site
and tested to make sure it works

– 1 –

We give new meaning to
the word “Manufacture”

– 2 –

25 technologists work
at ALBIXON’s own
R&D Center

– 3 –

We run the biggest powder
coating plant
in Central Europe
with a unique DECORAL

– 4 –

Our own production
uses the most recent

– 5 –

These are the reasons why
we can produce 600
and 1000
in a month

– 6 –

We store them in
a 50,000 ft2 warehouse

– 7 –

Where our technicians
perform the final thorough
quality check
before the
products leave our premises