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Albixon is the only safety enclosures company in the world that passed strict certification process and is now certified by NSF institute for advanced quality and safety standards (official website). NSF is globally known institution for the development of public health standards and certification programs aiming to protect consumers, public as well as the environment. NSF is an American institution with offices around the world, including Canada. Furthermore, Albixon enclosures are certified by the strictest European certification bodies including the AFNOR certificate that Albixon products recived in already years ago.

Casablanca Infinity
Carbon Carbon

Luxury surface finish

ALBIXON is currently the only manufacturer of pool enclosures in the world complying with the US standard for Pool Safety – NSF + other certififcations from Germany and France.

Casablanca infinity

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Eclosure componentsRails, Profiles and Glazing material

Enclosure construction

  • Highly resistant profiles
  • Rounded shape
  • Passed intensive stress tests

Wheel construction

  • Stainless steel sealed bearings
  • Hooks to prevent lifting
  • Safe to operate & easy to move

Glazing materials

Compact (clear) polycarbonate

  • UV Protection
  • Transparent view
  • Great design

Twin wall polycarbonate

  • UV Protection
  • Better insulation
  • Privacy

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